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Cuba Incentives, your DMC for Cuba! Cuba Incentives, your DMC for Cuba!

Cuba Incentives, your DMC for Cuba! Cuba Incentives, your DMC for Cuba!

Cuba Incentives, your DMC for Cuba! Cuba Incentives, your DMC for Cuba!

Cuba Incentives, your DMC for Cuba! Cuba Incentives, your DMC for Cuba!

Cuba Incentives, your DMC for Cuba! Cuba Incentives, your DMC for Cuba!

Cuba Incentives, your DMC for Cuba! Cuba Incentives, your DMC for Cuba!
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15th of August 2016


We're back safely from Cuba and had the most amazing time.  Thank you for organising such an interesting trip.  We absolutely loved our guide Antonio and driver Fidel.  Antonio was fascinating - he'd been a Professor of Political Science and a Diplomat so his knowledge of Cuban  history was wonderful.  He quickly noted that the boys were not as interested in Revolution memorials as their parents!  He took us to restaurants in the middle of nowhere which were delicious and always had somewhere interesting for us to stop at on long journeys.  Fidel the driver hadn't met Antonio before but they got on like a house on fire and were always laughing about something which was lovely.  We loved the bands that accompany dinner wherever you are and have all become reasonable with the maracas!

One of the boys highlights was swimming with dolphins at Rancho Luna near Cienfuegos.  We were a bit sceptical about it but once there it was a lovely set up with the dolphins in a sea pool with waves rolling into it.  The boys couldn't believe that 2 dolphins could push them up in the air using only their snouts!  Cayo Iguana was a massive hit and Teddy is in love with Jutia's (the larger Cuban tree rat!)

Cayo Levisa is beautiful.  They are busy building new cabins, a new dining room and new reception and bar area which all look great so no doubt it will increase in popularity.  Playa Ancon near Trinidad was also lovely.  Antonio took us there the day after a sweltering day at the sugar mills and Iznaga tower when the boys just wanted some beach!

So thank you for arranging it all.  I'll email Kenia in Havana to let her know how brilliant we thought Antonio was.  He really made our trip!


Fam. Brehony



Attached are photos taken on our auto trip of about a week, taken after the Jazz festival Tour in December and which we undertook on our own with invaluable help from Cuba Junky, but especially George--fantastic help and, in Cuba, Kenia--wonderfully helpful and always available.  I thought you would have no shortage of pictures of the Jazz Festival tour portion of our trip.

The efforts of all of you made our trip memorable and pleasant to plan and undertake.  Thank you all for your excellent and highly professional guidance and formal trip assistance.  I have already recommended Graciella and the Cuban Education Tours in Vancouver B.C. to several people as well as highly recommended George for those travelling on their own.

Again, thanks for making the trip a really and a wonderful, unique experience.  We fell in love with Cuba and anticipate returning!

Cordially,Sam Dworkin


Dear George,

Many thanks for all your services to me along with my whole family. You guys are terrific.

Jennifer van der Wier
Ontario, Canada


Dear George and Kenia
We are just arrived back home following some additional destinations in our long trip
We had the best time in Cuba and were left with great impression
Thank you very much for a very well planned and coordinated visit!!!!
We would also like to take this opportunity to thank again our great guide Juan.
He made  a significant contribution to our enjoyment of Cuba.
You can use our email for recommendations of your services
Best regards

Elie Shaldag
Tel Aviv, Israel


Hi George,
I just arrived my home from Cuba.I am still in the dream world , get back to reality.
Thank ou so much for the package tour. We had a great time!
Best Regards


Hi Ceri,

Just wanted to say a big thanks so much for organizing everything on our honeymoon.

We had a fantastic time, and it's hard to choose a favorite part as it was all amazing! Every aspect of the trip was very well organized, and our transfers were always early and made everything very straight forward. Everyone we dealt with from the Cubanacan etc. were very friendly and helpful, our tour guides in Vinales (I think her name was Anna) and Las Terrazas (Cecilia) in particular.

Thanks again, and we will definitely be booking with Rickshaw at some point I'm sure- I see from your website you cover quite a lot of places!

All the best,

Issy and Max


Dear all,

Just wanted to say that we had a wonderful time dancing with Rebecca and the guys in Havana. You have a great bunch of people there and they made our week go buy in a haze of sweat and tears of laughter.

You should really think about investing in the building though as first impressions can sometimes let you down.

Thank you so much



Beste George,

Wij zijn gisterenavond terug gekomen van een fantastische reis!!!

Vanuit Berend en mij, maar ook de rest van onze club, enorm bedankt voor het organiseren van onze reis in Cuba. Werkelijk alles wat buitengewoon goed geregeld. Buiten het feit dat alle boekingen tip top in orde waren; zo hebben we bijvoorbeeld nooit hoeven wachten op ons transport, waren de hotels goed voor elkaar en het personeel vriendelijk en behulpzaam. Zo mochten wij op onze retour dag in Havana onze tassen zonder enig probleem voor die dag stallen in hotel Park View.

Maar wat ons het meest is bevallen zijn de casas particular! Casa Nenita was voor ons een hoogte punt van de reis. Er is daar inderdaad een varkentje in de brand gevlogen, maar dat vuurtje is snel geblust. Mevr. Nenita stond met tranen in haar ogen afscheid van ons te nemen. Kerstavond met haar familie was dan ook een hele happening en is uitbundig gevierd.

Ook Milagrosa en Lozano waren geweldig. Er is super goed voor ons gezorgd; een van ons was inderdaad twee dagen niet 100%, dus die kreeg wat extra verzorging. We gaan ze allemaal aanbevelen op Tripadvisor!

Nogmaals enorm bedankt voor je inzet en de perfecte verzorging van onze Cuba experience.


Berend, Sander en de rest van de club.



When I arrived at Jose Martin in Havana, I was greeted by Anisleidy, who took me straight to the front of a horrendous queue at Immigration, whisked me through customs and, luckily, I picked up my bag straight off the belt.  After 9+ hours cooped up in a full 747, getting this over without any hassle or having to figure it out myself was a huge bonus. She found me my taxi and gave me the paperwork I needed and sent me off to the Nacional.  Another benefit of getting out of the airport so fast was that I was ahead of many others coming to the hotel - I settled in and came back down an hour or more later to find the foyer full of tired fellow flyers who had just arrived and had another long wait to check in for their rooms.

9 am meeting next day with Kenia - who was very friendly and had lots of useful information.  The Rex car hire people were good (and I did get the B category car, so I kept quiet about that!).

Loved the drive out on the crazy highway West and up to the Vinales valley.  Horse arrived on schedule and we had a lovely couple of hours out and around the farmland. 

Las Terrazas was excellent and had a very good guided tour.  Then drove back into Havana and the taxi transfer was waiting for me 15 minutes early!

So although I'm not sure whether I just hit a lucky streak or the Cubans are normally this efficient - it went like clockwork!

After the touring bit, I settled into a lovely quiet resort and just enjoyed the ocean and the sun and ate a lot!

Brilliant holiday and just what I needed - thank you!

Best regards

Jill Garrett


Hallo George en Misha,

De route langs de Sierra Maestra was prachtig!!!! En de huurauto super de luxe.. Had maar 30.000 op de teller staan.
Wat een waanzinning mooi land was Cuba.

Bedankt voor de goede service!

Anne-Maartje & Gerben


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