Hotel Villa Santo Domingo
Carretera La Plata, km 16 - Bartolome Maso


This picturesque villa rises right in the heart of the Sierra Maestra mountains, with the necessary facilities for a pleasant stay. Located near the Yara River, you can hear its waters flow and the melodious singing of birds from your bungalow. From this spot, you can enjoy horse and mule rides, walk down the paths of historical and natural values, learn more about coffee cultivation, an essential activity of the region, and participate in the popular guateques (typical countryside parties). To appreciate the traditions, way of living and customs of farmers in Cuba's mountainous areas will be an extraordinary experience. Visitors can practice trekking on the banks of the Yara River up to the Pico Real del Turquino, at Turquino National Park (1974 meters above sea level), the highest point of Cuban geography, accompanied by specialized guides. On these tours, the tracks Pozo de Lola, Lomo del Espejo, Santo Domingo-Marea del Portillo, Casa Piedra, and Santo Domingo-Pico Turquino, and the Lucas Castillo museum are spots to include on your list of interesting places, as well as an excursion to the Comandancia General de La Plata (main headquarters of the Cuban Rebel Army in the 1950s).