Cuba after COVID-19 (Corona virus)

Unfortunately, at the moment there is not enough that we can say regarding the period after COVID-19 in Cuba.

We believe that there will be some measures, and mabe even a period of time where certain services might not be available.

For example casa particulares, one of the popular ways to travel around Cuba is by staying in casa particulares (home stays). However, these homestays are often a spare room in the home of the locals, this gives an extra risk of locals getting infected by a tourist.

Or the viazul bus, which is a low cost transportation method to travel through Cuba. These may be limited to a (much lower than now) numer of pax per bus. Or they might be less frequent, or stop visiting all places.

Another option could be quarantine, where tourists need to go into quarantine, when entering Cuba.

As said before, there is no official information available yet, and this is just thinking ahead about possible measures that can be taken in Cuba, but we can only wait till we have official information.

Fortunately there are some service providers that already presented their post-COVID-19 plans, and how they will make sure that guests – and staff – are safe, while limiting the amount of discomfort.

Melia has presented their “Stay Safe with Melia” program.
Iberostar has presented their “How We Care” program and video.
Kempinski has presented their “White Glove Service” program. 
Avalon has presented their “Coronavirus Protocol“.

We are very happy, and proud, to see the Cuban suppliers working on their protocols on how to keep guests and staff safe in the future, when we can all travel again.

Also our casa particulares have a protocol set in place, for when customers can return back to Cuba and stay in casa particulares.
This is to make sure our clients can safely stay in the beloved home stays that Cuba offers.

Offcourse we will also put in place some measures. These will be presented later, as we are now working on our protocols.

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