Road Guide

Planning a vacation in Cuba? Want to know how to reach your hotel from the airport?

We offers a highly detailed driving map which folds to a compact size and feature sturdy covers and heavy paper stock for durability and ease of handling.

Price: €20.00 (excluding shipping costs).


Immediately see the distances between locations on the map. The total distance between cities is shown, with shorter distances between the route. This way you can easily see the distance to a certain turn, village or city.


The road map of Cuba contains symbols for important and interesting locations. This way you can see on the map where there are gas stations, airports, diving locations and more.

Linear routes

With the linear routes in the road map you can clearly see the route to different locations with all turns, distances and handy locations such as gas station that you encounter along the way.

City maps

The road map contains city maps at street name level of the following places: Baracoa, Bayamo, Camagüey, Cienfuegos, Gibara, Guardalavaca, Havana, Holguín, Matanzas, Pinar del Río, Playa Larga, Remedios, Sancti Spíritus, Santa Clara, Santiago de Cuba, Trinidad, Varadero, and Viñales.