Home of the famous Cuban music

Holguín is the third most populous after Ciudad de la Habana and Santiago de Cuba. It is home of the famous Cuban music. Although Holguin is not considered as a paradise for diving, there are some good places for snorkeling, like the areas of Playa Esmeralda and Playa Pesquero. Holguin is also a great place to go to experience Cuba’s natural beauty. The pine forests of Mayari, in the Sierra de Nipe, are well worth a visit. A trip to the peninsula of Cayo Saetia is also popular on a Holguin vacation. This unique resort features a beautiful white sand beach and an extensive game reserve, where you can go on a jeep safari or hunt imported African wildlife.

Holguín City

The provincial capital, Holguín city has a fascinating museum in an old colonial barracks, as well as galleries and commemorative monuments sprinkled around its lively public squares. In fact, the town has so many historic plazas, it has been called ‘the city of parks.’ One of the most unique Holguin attractions is the Museo Indocubano in Banes, which has an impressive collection of artifacts from pre‐Columbian Cuban culture. To the west of Holguin is a vantage point, Loma de la Cruz, which offers wonderful views over the city and across the province.


On the northern coast of Eastern Cuba lies this quaintly named beach Of glittering fine sands hemmed in by a high cliff and abounding in luxuriant coconut palms and sea grape berries that are a permanent invitation to relaxation. The Eagle Ray Diving Center on the western tip of the beach gives you the chance to go for a dive in the old Bahamas Channel and visit various underwater sites at depths from 5 to 40 meters, with different formations such as coral barriers, tall crags, cozy dales, vertical walls or cliffs, some with gaps opening into the abyss.

Cayo Saetia

To the east, near the broad Bay of Nipe, is 16 square miles (42 square km) in size, and 65 percent of it is covered with forests. The rest of its territory consists of meadows where American ostriches, antelope, zebras, deer, wild boars, jutias and wild bulls roam at will. It has accommodations of its own. Activities include swimming, yachting and going on safaris in jeeps or horseback.

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