Las Tunas

Stunning isolated stretches of beach, excellent dive spots on the northern coast and a peaceful capital city

Major towns include Puerto Padre and Amancio, as well as the capital, Victoria de Las Tunas (sometimes known as Las Tunas, or even just Tuna). This province was Established in 1976 and is one of the most untouched parts of Cuba. It’s home to stunning isolated stretches of beach and excellent dive spots on the northern coast and with a peaceful capital city and very friendly locals. The southern coast, which opens onto the Gulf of Guacanayabo, is marshy and characterized by mangroves. This wet area is used to grow sugarcane, as the wet climate is well suited for the crop. Cattle are also grazed in the province, which was, until 1975, part of the Oriente province that was divided into five smaller provinces by the Cuban government. Victoria de Las Tunas was just a small market town until that year, and a large development program was started to modernize the town and connect it by road to Havana. This is the real Cuba, away from the tourist resorts.

Puerto Padre town

is located in a bay on the northern coast of Las Tunas province. It’s known as the “city of mills” and dates back to the 16th century. It has grown from a small rural town into an industrial centre, where they produce large amounts of sugar cane – hence the number of mills. It’s a quiet spot and close to some of the best beaches in the province. Lodging means casas particulares in Puerto Padre. Chill in this beautiful, relaxed place and explore the most beautiful, lonely beaches in Cuba.

Las Tunas

Is home to what many beliefs are the most beautiful beaches in all of Eastern Cuba. Think miles and miles of isolated stretches of sandy beaches, surrounded by pristine, clear warm waters. There’s literally no tourism here and the diving is amazing.

Covarrubias Beach

Covarrubias is located in the north of the province. It’s the best place to go diving in Las Tunas with warm clean waters and a beautiful coral reef that stretches for nearly three kilometers. There are 35 untouched virgin beaches in this area, all known for their stunning natural beauty but only one (Covarrubias) has been opened to international tourism.

Playa La Herradura beach

Playas La Herradura is a golden sandy beach with pristine waters and spectacular sunsets. There’s a number of establishments here that legally rent out private rooms.

La Llanita beach

If you keep going west for about 10 kilometers you’ll come to Playa Llanita. The sand here is very soft and whiter than La Herradura. The water can get very choppy though.

La Boca beach

About a kilometer up the road from Playa Llanita lies Playa La Boca – One of the remotest beaches in Cuba and a genuine “Cuban’s beach”.

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