Santiago de Cuba

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Santiago de Cuba is the second most populated province in the island of Cuba. The largest city Santiago de Cuba is the main administrative center. Other large cities include Palma Soriano, Contramaestre, Mayarí Arriba, San Luis and Songo-la Maya. For those arriving at Santiago de Cuba, there are several lodging options in the city and surroundings, both related to sea and nature. It will always be a guarantee for visitors looking for quiet and comfort. Santiago de Cuba has been privileged by its historical evolution.

In the city are located two of the Cuban sites honored by the UNESCO with World’s Heritage titles: The San Pedro de la Roca (El Morro) castle and the ruins of the first French coffee plantations at La Gran Piedra. There is also the 26 de Julio Historical Museum and the Siboney State, all of them having a deep historical relation.

Santiago de Cuba City

The most exotic city of Cuba, lots of different ethnic groups have settled themselves in this city. The second biggest city, after Havana. Santiago de Cuba, a city full with history of the revolution, the fight against dictator Batista. The Capital of Santiago de Cuba Province, which has one of the first seven settlements that the Europeans founded in Cuba early in the 16th century, is one of the most picturesque on the island.

The founding fathers made the most of its stunning setting a coastal terrace bordering and impressive purse‐like bay and used the wood from the tall forest on the nearby mountain range to raise the first buildings of what would, for several years, be Cuba’s first capital.

Baconao Park

In the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba, is a perfect formula for leisure, in combination with the attractions of its well‐preserved nature. The sea, the mountains and legends conform a special offer for those who chose this region of the Cuban archipelago as their destination. The park’s options include the possibility of enjoying the region’s typical rural setting, complemented by horse‐riding excursions in direct contact with nature. The remnants of coffee dryers, mansions and even a colonial cemetery can be found in the region, creating an atmosphere that is full of history and mystery.

Pico Turquino

Cuba’s highest peak, superlative in more than meters, for it sits in the heart of the Gran Parque Nacional Sierra Maestra, stronghold of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara’s rebel army that successfully ousted dictator Fulgencio. It has some distinct advantages as it allows hikers to take in Comandancia de la Plata and is spread over two or three days, permitting a more gradual elevation gain and better vistas. Or you can plan your trip from Santiago de Cuba to organize your transport from there and have a few stopovers at some beaches along the way.

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