Boca de Yumuri Valley

Duration: 9

Starting from your accommodations at 8:30 you will enjoy in a first part of  moving through the city to come out of it, where you will observe beautiful campestral landscapes, arriving that way to the nice girl's hill, a natural Lookout  where you will enjoy an amazing view of Baracoa's most emblematic mountains and some local plantations.

Stop in an agro-ecological farm of Cacao's plantations where   Deisy, The Queen of  Cocoa, is going to   explain all the traditional process and ´´the secret of chocolate´´, you will be able to try  more than seven typical dishes made with chocolate, the most interesting is that these typical dishes are handmade in a traditional and simple way but so delicious with an organic product  ( with sugar, unsweetened, with honey, with bananina, etc.)

Visit a family who still continues dancing a traditional dance from that region(Kiribá Nengón), which is very emotional and contagious that it invites you to join the family to dance .In  that house you will get information about this traditional dance as for example: things that motivated farmers to create it, the meaning of the name Kiribá as well as the way to dance it.

Later on we’re going to go to a beautiful and quite bay(Mata bay) where you are going to enjoy of that lovely place related to the view, history(United fruit company), culture(A typical dance called Locomotora) and interesting information about Santería religion. Followed we will enter  to a beautiful cost line where we will stop in Barigua, one point of a great beauty where you will have opportunity to take photos and enjoying of the onlyone coconut´s tree with the shape of ¨Y¨. Later on we will dwell on The Germans path, which is a  natural tunnel with some history, followed we will arrive at Yumurí's Cannon, where we would walk to a small height, on the lookout of the Cannon enjoying magnificent view.

Polymitas, colored snails that only can be observed in Baracoa and Maisi. But it is not just to see the most beautiful snails all over the world living out of the sea, it is to know many things about their life as for example: they are in danger of extinction, their biological function, why they are just living in Baracoa and Maisi, why they have this beautiful color, as well as why we say that they are so beautiful and they don’t like that condition.  From now on we will descend from the lookout to go aboard the boat beginning the fluvial walk through Yumuri River that walk takes about 25 minutes to keep on walking in a small island and enjoying places of historic interest to the natives, arriving that way to a natural swimming pools taking a healthy and refreshing swimming time for an hour and going back for the same path taking the boat and returning to the taxi again to transport to Manglito beach , where you can enjoy of another swimming time in a lovely place.After that we will come back to the accommodation or hotels where you are staying.