Limones Tuabaquey Reserve

Duration: 5 hours


If you are looking for a relaxing time full of nature, a short walk with little effort, this is the perfect tour for you. It is a 2 km trek through 45 m tall limestone walls called Los Paredones to Hoyo de Bonet (a 90 m deep crater, 300 m in diameter). At the same time, delight in seeing the flora and fauna of this ecological reserve, getting closer to view of endemic birds such as the Cuban trogon (tocororo), Cuban tody (cartacuba) and bee hummingbird (zunzuncito).

This tour Includes:

. Tour Guide (Spanish - English - French)

. Transportation

. Entry fee and guided trail in the Natural Reserve

. Trekking path with birdwatching

It is possible to reserve a luch box for 8 usd per person.

Please wear comfortable clothes, walking boots, raincoat, sunglasses, insect repellent, water bottle and a snack.