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Cuba Incentives Cuba Incentives

Cuba Incentives Cuba Incentives

Cuba Incentives Cuba Incentives

Cuba Incentives Cuba Incentives

Cuba Incentives Cuba Incentives

Cuba Incentives Cuba Incentives
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Tailor Made tours

A tailor-made tour is an itinerary created just for you, in which we include everything you wish to see and do during your trip. The tour can be as long or as short as you wish. A tailor-made tour can include accommodation, meals, guide service in a given city and even excursions outside of cities. The standard of accommodation and length of the tours are up to you.



Tourist Visa

Traveling to Cuba but still don't have Visa Tourist card?

Cuba Incentives offers tourist cards and free information on how to fill out your documents properly.


All travelers visiting Cuba must be in possession of a passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of departure from Cuba and a visa tourist card. Cuba Incentives can not be held responsible or liable for any expense, refund or reimbursement of travel expense if client should be denied boarding or deported due to non-fulfillment of the above. Tourist cards can be purchased by contacting us via e-mail or at our office in Rijswijk (after appointment only). Each Visa issued is valid for 30 days after arrival in Cuba. Please follow the instructions carefully when filling in the visa. A visa tourist card costs € 22 + postage.

Customers in The Netherlands can order visa by clicking on the BUY NOW button!


Cuba Road Guide

Planning a vacation in Cuba? Want to know how to reach your hotel from the airport? Interested in knowing where the hotels and big attractions are situated?

Cuba Incentives now offers a highly detailed driving map which folds to a compact size and feature sturdy covers and heavy paper stock for durability and ease of handling.

This map offers several different views, generally including city & region closeups.
Price: €20.00 excluding mailing & handling.

The maps have a scale of 1:500.000
Also in the booklet are citymaps on streetname basis, so you can easily find your hotel!
Information in the booklet about the main cities in Cuba is available in English, German, Spanish, Italian & French!

Customers in the Netherlands, you can order yours by clicking on the BUY NOW button!


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